Degree and Graduation

Completion of credits required for graduation - Completion of training - Graduation exam - Confirmation of school records - degree

  Asia Missionary Association Seminary (AMAS) is the school to raise capable ministers and missionaries, not theological scholars. We seek for ability to practice ministry and missionary works and personality as ministers as well as well-organized theories.

1.    1. Credits required for graduation and training for graduates

  Gaduates must complete credits required for each department and pass 16 training courses (refer to subjects required).

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2.   Exams

  1)Exams for every 3 months

  2)Exams mainly tests if the students are able to perform lectures and pratices

3.   Students with over average B (3.0) are qualified to graduate

Grade Marks Percentage
   A 4.3 97-100
A 4.0 94-96
   A 3.7 90-93
   B 3.3 87-89
B 3.0 84-86
   B 2.7 80-83
   C 2.3 77-79
C 2.0 74-76
   C 1.7 70-73
F 0 0-69
P 0 Pass
  NP 0 Non-pass

4.   Certificate of Graduation and Degree

  Students who acquired required credits for each department and average grade of B (3.0)  and passed all training courses are entitled to receive certificate of graduation and degree

    1). Certificate of Graduation and degree of AMAS(certified by ATA)

  Types of degree


  2). Degree of Asia United Theological University (MOU/ Asia Teological Association: certified by ATA)

  Types of degree


  * When our school sign ongoing MOU with other foreign theological schools, students are eligible to receive degrees of those foreign theological schools.