Teaching method

We have everyday-class for dormitory students,intensive course for
ministers and internet courses from which students choose specific subjects

1.  Dormitory students

  1)Daily 4-hour classes Mon-Fri

  2)Class terms: Sep-Dec, Mar-Jun

  3)Winter vacation: Jan-Feb Summer vacation: Jul-Aug

2.  Intensive course for ministers

  1)4 times a year, intensive 2-week education each time (5a.m.-9p.m.) or 10 one-week intensive education each year.

  2)Complementary education on internet

3.  Doctoral course

  1)2 attendances per year: 2-week intensive class

  2Writing dissertation

4.  Retraining of ministers/Preach school

  Student watch lectures of their own choices in their convenient time.

5.  Missionary class

  4-month camp training and 2-month field practice.