Matriculation process

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successful applicants > Registration > Taking courses 

1.  Qualification for Ministry Department / Missionary Department

Asia Missionary Association Seminary is a seminary to cultivate ministers and missionaries to spread gospel, not to raise theological scholars. Thus, anyone who has passion to deliver the message of Jesus Christ can be applicant regardless of general academic level.

Please check qualification for admission in 'Introduction to courses' and choose the course you want to study.

Refer: Transfer

1 )  In case the applicant graduated from regular theological school, the applicant can be authorized for 60~80% of credits for transfer through credit screening.

2 )  Applicant from theological school with the same curriculum as our school can be authorized for 100% of credits for transfer. Nevertheless, the applicant must pass transfer exam credit authorization
      and in case of failure in passing the exam, the applicant are recognized for only 60~80% of credits.

2.  Period of application

     1 )  University/Graduate/Doctoral course:
         May 1st through June 30 each year (60 days)
         December 1 through January 31 next year (60 days)

     2 )  Missionary course:December through February next year (90 days)

     3 )  Minister/Preach school:any time

3.  Screening

     1 )  Document screening
        A. Screening document submitted through internet.
        B. Notifying admission by email or phone and informing interview date.

     2 )  Interview:Review basic knowledge/spiritual state/vision/passion

     reference:Those applying for Preach school/minister course are exempt from document screening

4.  Announcement of successful applicants

     1 )  University/Graduate/Doctoral course
         First half: End of June each year via internet and individual notification
         Second half: End of January each year via internet and individual notification

      2 )  Missionary course : End of February each year

5. Registration

      1 )  University/Graduate/Doctoral course
          First half: Pay tuition by August 15 and register
          Second half: Pay tuition by February 15 and register

      2 )  Missionary course:End of February each year