Direction for education

Asia Missionary Association Seminary is a school established to teach field-centered
theological studies which can be used in ministry and missionary works to spread
gospel to whole Asia

1. School history

Asia Missionary Association Seminary was established as a evangelical seminary in 1999 for field education for ministers for the short-term and from 2008 opened undergraduate/graduate courses in addition to minister education up until today.

2. School for both ministers and missionaries

Asia Missionary Association Seminary was established to cultivate ministers and missionaries who will deliver gospel of Jesus Christ in the forefront of spiritual battlefields rather than raising scholars.

3. We raise healthy spiritual leaders through balanced education

With the goal that everything happening in the field of ministry or mission should be educated and trained in the seminary, we help students gain confidence in ministry and mission by properly mixing and educating theories and practice. Especially, we put lots of time and efforts on the Bible and practical theology.