Theological ideas

According to the guidance of the doctrine of the gospel of reform based on the
principle of.

Theological ideas of Asia Missionary Association Seminary

Theological identity of Asia Missionary Association Seminary (AMAS) is Evangelism. In the center of Evangelism is the theological idea that humans must obey the words of God and live for the glory of God as the Creator and Redeemer, Almighty God rules the world and is the center of history of Redemption. in addition, since God send Jesus Christ to save humans from sins and destruction and humans can be redeemed only when we believe this and obey Him, Evangelism focuses on spreading gospel.

This was so in the early churches of Jesus Christ and Reformers of the Middle Ages.

Thus, believing evangelical theology most clearly shows the truth of the Bible, AMAS educate students based on our statement of faith.


AMAS's Statement of Faith(The Statement of Faith)

1. We believe that 66 books of Bible are words of God and truth without faults.

2. We believe that God we pray to exists in Trinity, which is Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

3. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to this world in human body to absolves our sins and by being crucified, bleeding and died on the cross, Jesus save us from sins and deaths and that He will return on the last day to judge between the good and evil.

4. We believe that we can be redeemed only by believing in Jesus Christ.

5. We believe that all men will resurrect into eternal life or death and there are heaven and hell.

6. We believe that Holy Spirit resides in us and guidance and sanctification of Holy Spirit occurs by believing in Jesus Christ and that gift and ability of Holy Spirit is being performed even today to deliver gospel, strengthen belief and reveal the glory of God as recorded in the Bible.

7. We believe that all followers in the church are spiritually unified with Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is the head of the church.

8. We believe that living the life according to the words of the Bible is true and living faith.

9. We believe that it is true faith to reveal love of God and turn glory to God not only to believers but also to non-believers.

10. We believe that gospel will be delivered to all the peoples even in the end of the land by the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

AMAS's Statement of Faith”includes all typical evangelical factors, corresponds with the contents of NAE(Constitution of the National Association of Evangelicals), values active social participation and spread of gospel (mission) based on evangelical theology

AMAS adopted this with the world and the United Church of the evangelical theological route, is to have various sects have myself in the position of the Asian region of the gospel, the establishment of a United Church of theological education institution, in the Asian region preach the gospel and culture, it is the firm goal. (Reference: Lin Qian 9:19-23)

Thus, professors and students should make theological identity clear based on statement of faith and make efforts to spread gospel to all corners of Asia while avoiding consumptive theological disputes and respecting diversity of cultures in each Asian nations. I hope that professors and students ofAMASwill speak in one voice and its theological identity should be clearly reflected in school administration, operation and the courses taught.

in particular, professors must realize that they can teach students only when they have deep intellectual and spiritual ability and thus, make their best efforts to make sure that theology can help ministry and missionary scenes by meticulously study them in constantly manner.

Professors must keep in mind that only upright seminary can vitalize ministry and mission fields!